Wednesday, March 23, 2005

How charming.

Just thought I'd offer up another one of my lovely random messages for your enjoyment.

This from yesterday...

"your very pretty ,,,,,silting to xome viry good music , now hard to concertrate.=== itkills me =========== like-an ice-crem-cone-better-be-quick-or -l'll be-gone, if you ve ever heard that one let me know . i like to have he best of the best, and give the same no games."

Oh for crap's sake.

What the hell is silting, anyway? I can only assume it is some form of archaelogical study.
Perhaps it has something to do with fishing.
Or panning for gold.

Basically, the only thing I understood from the message was...the name. I'm assuming he spelled that correctly.

on another note...
There are persons who will remain unnamed (and thus uncredited) who had the following to say about MOI...

"And it doesn't surprise me she had nothing to say...if I could judge her based on her blog, I would venture that there's not much going on in that vapid space she calls a brain."

Who, me?!
Okay, so I might agree with that a little bit...but although I am many things, I've never thought vapid was one of them. Banal, maybe. Un-enlightened, certainly. Ridiculous, frequently.
But vapid?

I'm mostly amused...but I found myself nearly offended by this remark.
Of course, the moron author of that is certainly entitled to her stupid opinion.

I've never received 'hate comments' you think I deserve them?
Perhaps, because I don't censor myself much. I say what I think, or what I think at the time anyway, and rarely worry about offending someone, or even a group of people.

Is that so wrong?

I encourage those people to think of MY blog like a strip club...if you don't like what they show there, don't go.

And something else I learned today: Giving credit to someone when you believe it is due and/or the benefit of the doubt is apparently seen as weak and makes you an object of ridicule.

Trying to do the right thing is evidently the wrong thing.

That seems shameful to me.
I thought someone had understood what I had tried to say...I was mistaken. The person I tried to give credit to appears to know how to talk out of both sides of her mouth.
People never cease to amaze me.

Luckily, I'm empty-brained and vapid, so this will not trouble me for long.
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