Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ghost in the machine

I have long suspected that my house is haunted. I've lived here, oh, six-seven years, and there've been a couple of odd things. No rattling chains in the attic, no ectoplasm dripping from the doorways, nobody getting sucked into static-y television screens. No bright lights bringing forth deep scary voices or monsters from the closets.
So I'm assuming my ghost is benevolent. Thank goodness. There's only room for one evil entity per household, and I'm already it.

I did figure my ghost was male...

One morning a few years ago, I woke up & headed for the bathroom (as per normal), and...the toilet seat was up.
As I am a woman, and I'd had no overnight guests of any gender, I found this strange. ("But don't you have a son?" you may very well ask. I do...but as he is unable to walk I sincerely doubt that it was him)

A mystery.

And speaking of my son...he is known to lie a-bed at night, in the dark...laughing. At what? I have no idea. I figured the ghost was doin' a little stand-up routine there that only my little guy could see.

There have been a few other out-of-the-ordinary things that have occurred...mostly of the variety of things not being where I (thought) I'd left them...nothing spectacular.

Then last summer, my daughter wanted to take a picture of me. (Please don't look at ME in the photo, I certainly wasn't expecting to share this photo)
So I'm sitting in my room, on my bed, & let her take the picture. I hope the quality on the computer measures up to the real picture, as the real one is just downright spooky. When I first saw it, the hair on my nape and arms stood straight up, my heart went THUD THUD, and my stomach sort of...rolled.

Wanna see?
Look just above my head...

So....who wants to come visit my house?
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