Saturday, February 19, 2005

Please. Somebody stop me. This can't be healthy.

"I told yous to hold still when I goes to smush yous!"~~Blotch,Kermit's Swamp Years

I'm sick, I tell you. Sick sick sick sick sick.

I have just sat through a MARATHON of the kid's TV show, Endurance: Hawaii.
It is sort of like Survivor for kids, only they play in teams of two.
Part of my excuse is that hey, it teaches kids to get along with others, all
types of kids from all over the country, and they spend a couple months learning
some independence. PLUS No TV, no radio, no PS2/gameboy/Xbox etc.
Really though, if I'm being honest, *she says with a horrible Simon Cowell accent*
I'm just feeding my addiction.

There is something seriously wrong with me.
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