Wednesday, February 09, 2005


HE'S HOME! HE'S HOME! He's come back to me at last! Oh how my heart is rejoicing! My dearest one has returned, in fine fettle. I have hugged him and kissed him and stroked him and loved him and he is performing in his finest capacity ever. I'm so happy to have him back with me! I was beginning to wonder if we would ever lay eyes upon each other again...and if we did, would things be the same? How could they be, after such a long absence? But things are better than before, with more understanding and love between us than came before. We know each other's weaknesses now, we will be careful not to tread on each other's feelings unduly. We will work together as one to make this a happy home.

My darling, my dearest, my computer is home.

With a whole new outlook (not to mention a whole new hard-drive).

And a whole new set of Windows to peer through, no more 98 for us! Uh-uh, no way. It's XP all the way now. We're movin' on up.

Increased memory too! I'm glad he's been taking his ginko biloba.

So welcome home, my love. I'm glad to be re-connected with you.

Now, amid much consternation of the simple folk, I...AM....BACK.
And bettah than evah.
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