Sunday, January 02, 2005

A gush of my own...

I'm seriously in love with Michele. No, not in a same-sex sort of way (which is just fine if that's what you're into), but because she goes out of her way, every single day, to make everyone else feel good. That is a massive undertaking, but she goes about it cheerfully, whistling her way along the path to connect the rest of us together. I have found many, many wonderful blogs thanks to Blogexplosion and Michele. And for that, I am thankful.

Recently, Michele took upon herself a task of monstrous proportions, and offered to give all those who issued a blog-vitation a word or two of praise. Of course, the response was overwhelming, as Michele has loads of friends (a list on which I am proud to have staked a tiny little claim~~I hope).

I scrolled through the kind words she sent to everyone, waiting anxiously with a pounding heart, to see what she had to say about mine. I scrolled veeeeeery slowly through the list, the better with which to extend the feeling of anticipation.
Also I was admiring the sheer volume of adjectives that Michele has at her disposal.


I reached mine at last. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the words she gave unto me.

So here it is, set here for posterity's sake:

The Daily Bitch...Subscribe Today: Sometimes the wonderful world of blogging introduces me to someone who fills me with wonder very recently that wonder became known as aka_monty. She is a free spirit and independent thinker who sees things as they should be seen. aka_monty always tells it like it is and is always reassuring. If this woman says it...IT must be so.

All I can say in response is...THANK YOU, MICHELE, FOR SEEING ME.

And that concludes today's meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society. Thank you for your attendance.
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