Thursday, December 23, 2004

Story with a Spin

This morning began like any other: I crawled woozily out of bed, turned off my nice warm snuggly electric blanket, & headed for the kitchen to switch on the coffee pot. Then off to the problemo. Showered, dressed, logged on to the computer for a few minutes whilst I drank coffee & smoked.


I went into the bathroom, grabbed my Crest Spinbrush, and flicked the switch...
"WHAT?!" I cried, "how can this be?"

I stared in stupefaction at the unmoving spinbrush.
I began to panic.
I raced through the house, searching frantically for batteries.
Well of course, this close to the holidays, not a battery was to be found anywhere. Even in my 'private' stash. *wink wink* (girls, you know what I'm talkin' about here)
I returned to the bathroom to sit on the closed toilet lid and think. (the bathroom IS where most of the deep thinking is done, after all)
I tried to determine a course of action. First, I decided to go on strike, and just stop brushing until the damn thing decided to give in. That lasted all of 5 minutes, as I'd already had 3 cups of coffee and 2 cigarettes. Bleurgh.
Then I thought I'd stage a sit-in, in protest, until the battery fairy did her stinkin' job.
Okay, that got boring REALLY quickly.
I settled for glaring at the evil spinbrush, hoping to frighten it into doing it's job. The slacker.
Didn't work.

Finally, with a deep sigh, I grabbed the SpinBrush, gave it a good shake, and proceeded to brush while making "hnnnnnnnn hnnnnnnn hnnnnnnn" sounds in the back of my throat.

Mission accomplished.

I have lost the battle, but I still hope to win the war.
The good news is, the blow dryer was intimidated into perfect behaviour.

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