Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bah Humbuggery and other craptastic thoughts.

I have two Christmas trees. One teeny-tiny tabletop tree (let's hear it for alliteration!), and one six foot tree. Both artificial, of course.
I FINALLY dragged the....teeny one down from the attic today, along with my children's stockings.
What is UP with me this year? No decorations up, a tiny tree, no enthusiasm. *sigh*
I have a roomful of gifts yet to wrap, and can muster up no energy to even sort through them.

I've GOT to get over it.

Just dumped the guy I've been dating recently (because he was becoming an annoyance~you can go here to read all about THAT particular situation...), so that may have something to do with it. I'm just feeling unhappy. I know, I know, BOO-FREAKIN'-HOO!! lol
In the words of Dr. Laura (and I, for one, find this the ONLY intelligent thing she's ever had to say) "QUIT WHINING!"

Good dose of my own medicine.

Random thought:
D'you know when I compose my BEST blog posts? Usually around 11pm or so...when I'm lying in bed, the house is still and quiet except for the occasional WHOOOMPH of the pilot light and the soft humming of the central heat unit. I close my eyes and think of all the things I want to say, and they always sound so perfectly perfect in my head.

Damn shame I can't remember them when I wake up the next morning.

*sings* "I saw Mama boinking Santa Claus, underneath the Christmas tree last night..."
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