Sunday, December 12, 2004

And then there were two...

Hello, and welcome to the newest addition to my blog collection.
"Why on earth," you may exclaim, "do you need yet another blog?"

Simple answer: because BLOGGER is coooooool. I likee. Oh, and of course, the fact that I frequently need the validation of fresh perspectives from readers like yourself.

You won't always understand me...therein lies my mystery.

Yeah, right.


The BLOGGER blogs are the bloggiest blogs...and I want mine to look pretty. So there.

So some of the entries you'll be seeing will be real-time, true-time, prime-time...and some will be transfers of my favourites from my "other" blog.

So hello, welcome, aloha, etc etc etc...come back soon. I promise to have (interesting? maddening? annoying? fresh?) things to say. Sometimes. Upon occasion, anyway. FOR SURE at least once in awhile.
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