Sunday, November 30, 2008


If you've visited here before, you're likely well-aware that I am brand loyal to very few things...but one of the products I will never, ever substitute is Clorox bleach.

LOVE IT. Even the plain ol' regular kind without any added scent. It just signifies CLEAN to me... reminds me of hanging sheets out on the line with my great-grandma on Saturday afternoons.

I've been lucky enough to get to review a few of Clorox's other products recently, and I still love 'em. I ALWAYS try to sign up right away for Clorox reviews.

As much liquid bleach as I've used over the years, I've never tried the Clorox 2 color-safe bleach, so I was VERY anxious to try it out. Most of you know that my son is in diapers and sometimes there are...leakage issues. ESPECIALLY at night.

THIS STUFF GETS THE PEE SMELL OUT. Even the detergent with Oxy-Clean that I typically use doesn't do the job on its own.

Also? I have a lot of black shirts and NONE OF THEM FADED. I admit I was a little fearful, because "bleach" and "black" do not go together well in the washing machine (or WARSHING MACHINE if you're my grandma).

I threw in black, red, and light blue... and Clorox 2 Stain Fighter and Color Booster.

No clothes were ruined in the experiment.


PLUS, if you head on over to this Clorox 2 site, they have a STAIN WARS contest!.
This stuff can even be used as a pre-treater as well. Want to give it a try??

I have 4 (FOUR) coupons to give away, worth ONE FREE BOTTLE/PACKAGE of CLOROX 2!
The coupons are good for the 44oz liquid or the 49.2oz dry Clorox 2.


and now for something completely different...

Dear McDonalds:
I know it's a tradition, but I'm hoping that one of you will decide to rebel or think outside the box...and put the fries in RIGHT-SIDE UP some day.

Dear Braum's Dairy Store:
I really enjoyed snickering at reading your marquee sign that was advertising "PUMMKIN PIES"
Think spell-check.
Is all I'm saying.

If you missed the show LIVE on Friday Night - Now's your chance to get it while it's hot: EAT IT! Happy Day After Thanksgiving Show

That is all.
Have a day.
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