Friday, February 14, 2020

A quarter of a century. POOF.

You ever notice and think about how big of a difference context actually makes?
I mean when you think about being married for 25 years it's like WOW OMG YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOREVER IT IS AMAZING HOW DID YOU DO IT?



and with that, I leave you with The Annual Birthday Post Which Many Of You Have Memorized By Now. 
If you're new, then welcome to Our Story.

In the year, 2525... I mean 25, 25.

Every year before I revise and repost, I remember. I relive. And even if it's just for one shining day, these memories make everything else fall away: all the petty irritations and frustrations, the dislikes and grudgy feelings...all of the things that, in the long run of life, aren't worth the importance we place on them.

It's been a long tough journey that has passed in the blink of an eye.


THE DUE DATE: June 4th
THE BIRTH DATE: February 13th. Preemies for pre-valentine's day.
These children clearly get their lack of patience from me.  They were born at 24 weeks, or about 3 and 1/2 months early. They weighed just over 1 lb. each, and were about a foot long. I'm talkin' teeeeeny tiny. Micro-preemie, I think is what they are called now.

Anyway, this is my boy, at about a month old:

I woke up the morning of February 12th, headed for the bathroom, and after about 5 minutes I called out to the baby daddy, "Either I've lost all control of my body functions or my water broke".
I'll give you a hint - my functions were still under my control.
So natch we rushed to the hospital, where the stupid ass snot face condescending nurse (actually I love nurses in general, but this one? NOT SO MUCH) had me lay on a gurney for an hour and then said that I was fine, no fluid was "leaking" (I know, gross), and the pains in my back and belly were just muscles stretching, NOT CONTRACTIONS...and then she tried to send us home. 
Me being me, I caused a scene.
Hey, guess who ended up being right about me being in labor?

Here is my little girl, at about a month old:

The doctors tried to stop my labor for 24 hours, but apparently my kids were having none of that. On the 13th of February, my boy arrived in the usual way - of course, I was knocked out for the entire thing. My daughter was still safe and secure in her bedwomb -- the idea was to let her 'cook' a little longer (which would have been weird to have twins with different birthdays, right?).  So they were wheeling me into recovery when Miss Contrary's heart rate dropped to zero, and they did a SUPERFAST emergency C-Section to get her out. Evidently she didn't like being alone.
So it was like Twins Two Ways, with extra Mommy Staples.
This is also where I discovered my love of morphine. MMMMMMORPHINE.

Their ears were still folded down (WEIRD! I didn't even know ears did that until my kids were born. It was like puppy ears or something), and their lungs were not completely developed, and their little hearts were working overtime/doubletime.

They struggled for every single breath. They fought to live.

And so they did. And so they have.
Thank you, God.

Thank you for this little miracle....(my girl at about 2 months)

and this little miracle...(my boy at about 3 1/2 months)

The doctors gave them less than a 50% chance of survival.
Fortunately they got my stubborn genes as well as my temperamental ones, because my kids wouldn't listen to percentages; they went all HAN SOLO and were like NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!

Their hearts were overworked, their lungs were and are covered in scar tissue, they are cursed with keloid scars as well as scars from perc lines and picc lines and a million little junkie scars on arms and feet from being pricked with lancets every hour. They have scarred veins, they had damaging bleeding in their brains, preventing brain growth. And yet...    

Becca's first day home from the hospital! Nearly 4 months old and not even 5 lbs. I still have this amazingly tiny dress - I swear it's barely bigger than Barbie size. Those booties she has on? The foot part is less than 2 inches long. Each twin came home attached to oxygen and an apnea monitor - whenever we all went anywhere together it looked as though we were leaving home for a month, so laden were we with electronic equipment, oxygen tanks, diaper bags, strollers...which is partly why I became the hermit I am today. #Lazy

Here they're about 7 or 8 months old, I think (did I ever mention that I am TERRIBLE about labeling pictures? Because I am). Clearly Becca was already trying to wear some sort of tiara:

One morning I discovered that my daughter knew how to climb into her brother's crib.

When Becca was about two, this is what "Go get ready for bed" meant:

Josh had the softest, wispiest hair so I let it grow and grow... until that time I gave him a buzz-cut and he's been sporting a Greg Brady WhiteBoy 'Fro ever since. Unless I cut it myself, in which case he looks sort of like he's got the mange. #TrueStory

Josh 2007

Becca 2007

My High School Graduate 

There were middle-of-the-night phone calls with doctors on the other end of the line telling me that they didn't think THIS twin or THAT twin would make it through the night- so we'd rush to the hospital to sit and put our hands in the "baby terrarium", as I thought of them, and listen to the beeps and the whooshing of the ventilator and wait for the inevitable.
There were six months in the NICU and 3 or 4 Thanksgivings and Christmases spent in the hospital. For awhile I thought they were going to name a wing of the children's ward after us, or at least keep "our" room in reserve.

There was RSV and BPD and ROP and a bunch of other things with initials that I barely understood.
There was double hernia surgery and laser eye surgery and surgery to correct crossed eyes. 
There were staph infections and thrush and even a broken arm that was caused by changing my son's shirt whilst in the NICU - he of the tiny little brittle bones. There were breathing treatments and nebulizers and oxygen tanks and albuteral and lasix and digoxin and tegretol and synthroid and constantly changing medications and frequent seizures and paralyzing fear (well, that last thing was *me*).

I remember a tiny Becca setting her pacifier down in something that had spilled...she picked it up, took a suck, and said, "What the hell is all over this?!" It made me laugh so much that I couldn't even correct her.

I remember one single sentence of absolutely clear speech from Joshua in 21 years...he was sick and angry and yelled, "I WANT MY BOTTLE!"  It was astounding and amazing and thank goodness my mother witnessed it or I would have thought my ears were playing tricks on me.

(or The One Where Joshua Gives Duckface)

This milestone is especially important for Joshua, as he has already outlived all early predictions of life-span. Though it's a little like living under the Sword of Damocles, we do not give in or give up. And despite the fact that they were and are so fragile health-wise, for the last 10-12 years I can count on one hand the number of times they've had to go to the doctor or hospital. 

2 Twins at 22
(YES, Winnie The Pooh is still on the walls. Joshua loves Pooh bear)

*Mystery Of The Missing 23*

 2 @ 24 ea.
(or the one where that jackass boychild purposely refuses to look at the camera for 20 takes
and also is still wearing breakfast on his face because BRAT.)

I swear, the older this boychild gets, the more he is determined to thwart my picture taking.
And GirlMinion had to get glasses this year at last. Of course being the weirdo she is, she has one nearsighted eye and one farsighted eye. 

OF COURSE he was all about a selfie with his sister, though.

How could I not believe in miracles? When I look upon those miracles every day of my life.
I love you, my babies. I have been and will always be thankful for every breath that you take, every blink of your eyes, every morning that you wake. I love you with everything inside me.

You still make me laugh, you still make me cry, you still make me want to smack you upside your silly little bratty heads.

If all the world was a beach, I would love you more than all the grains of sand added together. Times infinity.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Oh well HAI 2020!

So just to catch you up on how my 2020 is going so far.

The other evening I left to go pick up Minion from work, and some dude was walking back and forth across the driveway (I live in a little "compound" with 4 little houses and a 4 car garage with apartments over top of them and we share a horeshoe drivearound driveway), and it looked sort of like he was either arguing with someone on the phone OR possibly looking for something because the light was on his phone.

My parents live next door so I called & told my dad to keep an eye on him, and just about that time the dude crossed the street into the neighborhood over there.

Later that same night... 
Around 10 pm there was a knock on the door...and for the first time in the 25 years I've lived there, I am a little ashamed to admit that I was too afraid to open the door.
Yes. Too afraid.
So I'm all WHO IS IT and a young voice said, "I need help."
Also I did not even use the peephole because I have seen WAAAYYYY too many crime shows and read WAAYYYYY too many thrillers and I did not want to get shot in the eye I KNOW SHUT UP BUT PARANOIA.

The porch light was on, I asked  what he needed, what could I do to help - he said,
"I'm 14, I'm about to get jumped!"
I said WHO IS GOING TO JUMP YOU? Stay there on the porch and I'll call the cops for you!
He said, "Okay okay, I'm leaving!"
And I yelled (still not opening the door) WAIT, I'm calling the cops TO HELP YOU! Stay up on the porch!

And nothing. So I call my dad next door and by the time I have that conversation, there is no one around anywhere except a couple walking their dogs across the street.
So basically I was so scared that I did not try hard enough to help.
Minion thinks it was a setup, and she's glad I did not open the door.
But someone asked for help.
I can't decide how I feel about it, except to feel bad that I was too afraid in my own home to open the front door when I've never (knock wood) had a problem of any sort in 25 years.
In fact my former babysitter's cousin is actually the only person who has ever stolen from me and if I ever run across THAT little bitch Ima beat her ass, I promise you that.

Two days later...
Okay, so for the past year or so I've had this...I don't know, kind of like narcolepsy where I just fall asleep in an instant. It happens at my desk all the time. Probably I'm just not getting enough "good" sleep, since I am old AF and have all the burning acid reflux and up 3 times to pee and drainage that makes me cough and I sleep in 2-4 hour chunks.
I'd slept in the recliner for some terrible reflux, woke up and Minion brought me coffee, and I nodded off before I could drink it.
Woke up AN HOUR later, requested a re-heat, and she left it in the microwave a leetle (lot) too long because it was about boiling.
She DID warn me that it was superhot.
I had it in my hand and...wait for it...
Next thing I know I am awake and screaming and scalded.
So I have 2nd degree burns and weepy blisters allllllll down my right side, from boob to hip.
And of course my arm is constantly hurting the ones on my boob and standing up and sitting down keeps burstin open everything on my hip.
Seriously it is so very ugly and gross, but keeping it clean and gauzed and it's finally starting to heal in most of the places -- the worst was having to soak the bandages off in my hip in the shower today because it was stuck very tight.

And so with no insurance and no $$, we're taking care of it at home and Minion is serving as an excellent nurse EXCEPT Nurse Ratched occasionally looks at the stuff when we're changing the dressing and her mouth crinkles up and her eyes go wide and I'm like STOP DOING THAT WITH YOUR FACE.
But it's itchy and healing and uncomfortable but at least we can Neosporin most of it now, so it doesn't sting too much.

Oh yeah, and my transmission thunked hard into first gear today, so there's that.
Some days I wish I was one of those people who could ask for gofundme help, but it's just not in me.
I'm just going to sit here and be thankful for a roof over my head, the warmth of the heater, the food on the table, friends to cheer me up, family, and the capacity to work & earn my way forward.

I need a vacation from my life.

So, how's your year so far?

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Liars liars liars yeah, they're gonna getchoo

Well FIRST of all, did I ever tell you that story of how I HATE BEING TOLD NO??

Because Netgalley (may they burn in hell) DENIED ME when I requested an advance copy of  Liars' Legacy, Jack & Jill #2 by Taylor Stevens - ME, can you believe it? There should be a law against that if you ask me.
Also I hate and fear rejection, so there's that.

Never let it be said that I'm a quitter though.

This *could* be read as a standalone, but if I'm being honest the action starts RIGHT FROM THE OPEN and it's complex with several players, and I feel like you would be more comfortable sliding right into the story if you read Liars' Paradox FIRST.
Otherwise the first 1/3 of the book might be a bit confusing as you try to figure out the main players, as it picks up just past where the last book finished, which I LOOOVE.
(go get Liars' Paradox on your Kindle - only $2.99 right now! I'll wait.)

The only thing I can reasonably compare this to is the fun of a John Wick assassin free-for-all, and as we all know, I have a soft spot for the assassins.

This way you'll be all caught up by the time Liars' Legacy is published on December 31st, and it'll be like binge-watching your favorite show that only has two season dropped on Hulu so far but with books.

ALSO I just want to acknowledge and thank Taylor Stevens for letting me be her secret muse, because I KNEW as soon as I read these two lines: "mostly because she wasn't the type that people wanted to have as a friend," and "analog agent working in a digital world," that CLEARLY I was the inspiration here. IT ME.
(okay so maybe I wasn't even a thought near her mind but YOU DON'T KNOW IT COULD BE ME SO SHUTTIE)

In the first book, I found the main characters more intriguing, interesting, layered, and engaging rather than actually likable, which is totally okay for me - I don't have to like you to pay attention to you.  They've grown on me though, for sure, and they're even more fascinating in this new book.
They matter to me even more - I got invested in their lives.

The peeling away of layers of deception and disguise and the quick-change artistry.
The advance thinking chess-like 'game' that is their lifestyle, out of habit AND necessity.
They're pretty freaking brilliant, but with all too real weaknesses and flaws.

With a few more players added, with their own quirks and habits and weirdness and love of violence, well it just brings some more depth, some more layers, to the story.

There is so much conflict, both internal and external, that you really do want to just speed through and keep reading to get to the end as fast as possible because YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.  Remember when you got that OG Super Mario World on Super Nintendo and you didn't sleep for like four days because you had to go JUST ONE MORE level, beat one more boss? Like that.

As you know, I'm not fixin' to give you any more plotline or story than that, because YOU WILL READ IT FOR YOURSELF and I would hate to accidentally spoil it for you. *evil laugh*

Save enough on the Gift Card that is sure to be in your stocking and pre-order, because the publishing date is December 31 and if you're old AF like me, you will want to spend your New Year's Eve snuggled up in a blankie with a hot toddy (or Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon on the rocks, YUM), with a new good book and the Rockin' NY Eve countdown muted on the TeeVee, ringin' the new year in RIGHT.

Also don't forget all those people you know with birthdays in January and February - the perfect gift would be both Liars' books!
Is all I'm saying.

**disclaimery things: I used my ninja-like stealth skills to hack someone's account and read THEIR netgalley approved request of this book SO TAKE THAT NETGALLEY HA!
***Okay that is a total bold-faced lie but it sounds cool anyway. A friend did let me read an ARC from NG because I can totally be the world's biggest pest and eventually you'll do what I want just to escape the waterboard-like torture I can inflict upon a person without even breaking a sweat. It's a talent.

Friday, December 06, 2019

#33581 Why I Hate People and How My Rants Are Likely Your Fault.

Weirdly I feel like the holidays are the times when I get most ranty but also when I'm filled with the most ...niceness? Caring? Generosity? So I guess this means the rant thing is your fault.
Probably. I mean it's certainly not MY fault, doy.

In my newsfeed on GrossBook.

Me: asking a question out of actual ignorance of a subject and wanting to learn.

The next day...


Y'all wear me right the fuck out.
Like my kids, only I can't reach you to smack you in the back of the head.

I mean if I had a nickel for every time I said "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??" to my computer, I would have a couple socks full of nickels with which to beat you.

And yes, I COULD BE MORE HOSTILE if I wanted to.
I could be calling you out by name. AND Middle Naming you.
You do not want that.

This time of the year (well I guess it happens ALL year but it just gets worse in the Holiday Spirit)
everyone's picking on Walmart.
Now you're going to boycott them because the owners and corporate fatcats are getting richer off the backs of their underpaid, welfare-getting employees.
And I TOTALLY feel you. I get it.
I guess what I'm not understanding is the need to focus all your hate for Greedy Corporations on
WalMart in particular.
I KNOW the BigWig richies are getting richer.

But let me lay some enlightenment upon you.

Taking into consideration the cost of living and the economy where *I* live, WalMart is actually one of the better-paying employers.
They are also one of the most inexpensive places to shop, even grocery wise.
For poor people like me, they can actually be a blessing.
So you go ahead and boycott, applause applause for you doing what you need to do,
but me? I'm supporting them locally.

My daughter works for Sam's Club - yep, a WalMart company. She makes twice as much there as she did at a local grocery store for the last 6 years. She gets accumulated PTO, she gets at least three holidays off completely, she got a nice 15lb turkey for Thanksgiving PLUS a bonus on her check and she's only been there 4 months.

You want to talk about boycotting a store for treating their SERIOUSLY underpaid AND undervalued employees like shit? For the Greedy Overlords to get richer off the hardworking backs of the least of the employees? Then I'm boycotting Crest Grocery store.

LOOK HERE: My kid worked for Crest for SIX YEARS. She was hired at $7.50/hour and after 90 days probation, got a raise to $8.00.
Also? They required EVERY employee to work a minimum half day on EVERY holiday (because they're a 24/7 store).  How many of those holidays got any sort of bonus or holiday pay? ZERO.
One year they did actually get a Christmas bonus, $10 store gift cards that they could use only at Crest.
They don't even have a proper breakroom - they have a meeting/breakroom with a microwave.
No fridge to store stuff.
When the microwave went out, the store manager tried to get the employees to "get up a collection" to get a new one.
I was all WHAT NOPE YOU BETTER NOT! I mean that's what the "miscellaneous" line in your budget is for, buster.
Turns out that at the end of the year, whatever the Store Manager does NOT spend in his miscellaneous budget becomes HIS YEARLY BONUS.
Now THAT, my friends, IS SIMPLE GREED.
They got pizza maybe twice a year as a "thank you."
And if a customer complained on you? IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION.
Doesn't matter what actually happened, the "managers" and supervisors never had your back.
Right before my girl had to have a wisdom tooth pulled, it was so swollen and sore that she could barely talk (but of course she showed up to work), and a customer apparently took offense because she wasn't chattering at him, complained, and she got a 3 day suspension.
She also took ONE sick day in the entire six years - and called in the night before her six am shift to make sure they had time to find someone to cover.
The manager on duty said she should not call in yet, to wait and see how she felt in the morning (this was her 2nd day of feeling ill and she was feverish), and when she said no, she wanted to call in sick NOW, he threatened her with a no call no show.
For the first time ever I had (had, wanted, needed, tomato tomahto) to get involved and called that little powertripping sonofabitch up and told him how things work in the real world and he did not want to get the labor department crawling over their store.
ANYWAY. No loyalty to loyal hardworking employees.
Cheating, money-grubbing greedy store manager.
No raise for SIX YEARS.
Then we she turned in her 2 week notice, the manager she spoke to said, "we accept your full notice" and then promptly took her off the schedule completely starting that day.

If she didn't live at home, there's no possible way she could've survived on just that one job without
also getting food stamps or some other assistance.

All I'm saying is that WalMart may be a really bad guy, but they're not the only one, or even the worst.
It's simply a matter of degree.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

♫ He's The Wild One, ooh yeah he's a real wild child.

I KNOW - you thought I was never going to get this review up!

I was going to be all "I savored this book like a fine wine" so I could sound fancy but seriously who am I kidding, everyone knows I like $5 screw top sweet wine.
I could drink like a whole bottle of that right now. 

I *was* however reading with my Picky Eyes because doy, ARC, uncorrected!
Those take me a little longer because I have to force myself to slow down and not zoom through unbarriered and gobble it all up at once.

**Transparency disclaimer: I have to admit this is a leeeetle bit of a Gimme because I knew going in that I was going to looooove this as much as I do the other #PeterAsh books, unless of course somehow author NickPetrie sustained some sort of subdural hematoma or other brain injury or split personality disorder (OMG IT IS SO A THING SHUT UP YOU DO NOT KNOW BECAUSE ARE YOU A DOCTOR? NO YOU ARE NOT) and completely changed the character and his writing style. Luckily for me us fans- and Nick himself of course- that does not appear to have happened.

You know I read a LO O O O OT of different series, they're my favorites. You've seen my book lists and recommendations and I have argued belligerently had discussions with nimrods people who DO NOT RE-READ THEIR BOOKS AND HOW IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED?
Seriously, when you're in a certain mood and want to have certain feels, you reach for the comforting words of THIS author and THAT particular book in the series because it is full of what you need to cure what ails you, at least for a moment when you are lost in the story.

Okay wait, this is not at all where I was going.
Series (serieses? series'?), right.

Out of the tens of...I don't even know how many...series I've read, there are less than a handful that I've ever thought, "No, THIS is the best one!" after every. single. book.
And then came Peter Ash.
And once again, the newest book is my newest favorite of the series.

This one doesn't even have much of a buildup to the action - chapter two and BAM! it was right in my face and I was anxious and curious and wondering and worrying.
I worry about Peter, you know. I get anxious for him. I FRET over him and the things he goes through and feels and thinks.
There are hints of dark humor in fight scenes that made me laugh out loud.
One of my favorite lines in the book tickled me because of the context and also gave me a deeper appreciation for my beloved thick hardback first editions, "You can't do that with a paperback."
At one point I was racing along, caught up in the story that I knew was leading right to the climax which made me a little sad because that's nearly the end and then I looked and THERE WAS WAAAYYY TOO MUCH BOOK LEFT AND WHAT ELSE COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN HERE AND PASS ME THE ZOLOFT.
And that is how I know that the author is an excellent writer and the book is an excellent book.

Yeah, that's pretty much all the actual book information you're getting because it is so much more fun to uncover it for yourself WHILE YOU READ IT, right?
All you need to do is trust me (which you should already be doing) and start reading.

I pretty much dig these loners that aren't superheroes, they're not perfect, they're full of hard edges and rough layers and sometimes they fuck shit up either accidentally or on purpose, they can be emotionally crippled or unavailable and I am getting so turned on right now.
#PeterAsh - If lovin' is you is wrong, I DON'T WANNA BE RIGHT.

Wait. Where was I going with that? I keep getting off track.

What I meant was regardless of all that, they try to do the right thing  and do it the best way they know how, and that is why I love them.
Plus I am so much of all that myself so I feel like we have a lot in common only I am not nearly as skilled in combat or self-preservation BUT I COULD BE SOME DAY so you better just watch yourself, missy.

ALSO I learn stuff from these books so technically Nick Petrie IS MAKING ME SMARTER.
These books are educational you know!
Plus it was pretty groovy that this book was featuring Iceland and last year I did a book review that referenced Iceland and some of its practices which only proves that WE ARE RIDING THE SAME WAVELENGTH BRO which makes me even cooler, so.

I'm not going to tell you to GO PREORDER THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! because if you're a fan and you're smart then you've already done that in anticipation.
I AM going to tell you that if you haven't read this series yet, START RIGHT HERE right now.

Lookit I'm giving you plenty of advance notice so that you can start reading at the beginning and get caught up by the time this new one is on the market January 14th and you'll have those Christmas gift cards burning a hole in your pocket and now I've given you the precious gift of how to spend them and saved you all the dithering.
Now go do what I say and don't make me come looking for you because neither of us wants that.
For different reasons. #Lazy

**secondary disclaimer: I was given a free ARC of this book because I pestered the author for several months and I am receiving no other compensation except the glory of getting to read it before most everyone else. I did possibly swear a blood oath (willingly and without being asked, in fact, there might have been some kind of protestation against it but I didn't pay any mind to that) to give an honest review for that privilege. Now I might lie to you about some things in life (well OF COURSE those pants don't make your butt look more like a whole junkYARD in the trunk)(and sure, love ya too, mmhmm whatever) but I would never ever commit the egregious sin of lying to you about a book.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

♫♪ Talkin' about my generation ♫♪

The last few days I've had to sit back and laugh as I watch all the "Generation Wars" ramping up, much like the "MommyBlogger Wars" a few years ago.

I can't even keep track of what generation I'm supposed to be, GenX I guess because really that one sounds the coolest so it probably is mine.
Also WTF even is Generation Jones? Because apparently I'm at the tail end of that as well, being born in 1968.

I'm going with JoneX. That's my generation.
If you're cool enough I'll let you use that for yourself but don't hold your breath.

My generation is punk and goth and indie music. It's huge hair and cutout sweatshirt necks. It's layered tank tops and leg warmers and shiny metallic jazzercise tights. It's British Knights and Kaepa tennies with the upside down laces. It's bulky thigh length sweaters over turtlenecks with sweater skirts over long john pants. It's clove cigarettes and Strawberry Hill wine. Culottes and (American style) knickers, prairie blouses, Jams shorts and Jellies shoes. It's fingerless lace gloves and layered tutus over torn fishnets with combat boots. It's poodle perms and big round frames for our glasses, sparkly blue eyeshadow and green mascara, banana clips and feathering combs and those stretchy round plastic comb-like headbands.

We were weird and unique and we liked it that way. I still do.

I mean seriously WE are the only ones who ever learned how to actually program a VCR to videotape multiple soap operas on multiple channels during the day while we were in high school/college classes and then program them to tape movies off HBO, Showtime and Skinemax so we could watch all the movies when we were stuck at home and not out carousing and cruising The Strip with our friends.
WE ALONE could squeeze that fourth movie on that VHS tape by carefully running back the credits to the end of the movie, and starting the next at that SPLIT SECOND after the HBO logo ended at the beginning of the next movie, all using three remote controls for TV, VCR, and cable box.

TOP THAT, YOU ROKU FIRESTICK DVRers with your fancy voice controls!

Also we had the bestworst music. You either love it or you lovehate it, and even the country music was so much better.

I know we all think our own was probably the best (and although I don't really like kids of any age, I find the current group of youngsters/young adults are bright and tolerant and learning to fight for their right to paaaaaartay what's right)... but I mean really, in the grand scheme of Things That Actually Affect Your Really For Real Life...does it matter?

It appears that ALL the generations have some things in common, like the willingness to argue over EVERY. DAMN. STUPID. THING. EVER and also take themselves far too seriously in the broadest generalizations.
Have we just run out of better things about which to argue?
Is this like why Hollywood keeps making the same exact movies over and over, like we truly need YET ANOTHER WHOLE VERSION/GENERATION OF A CHARLIE'S ANGELS MOVIE OMG NO THANK YOU PLEASE!

Some of y'all need to just

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

My life in a sentence.

TMW you noticed earlier that black hairy spider on the ceiling and now you can't see it but you know they are the tricksy ones that often wait until you walk under the doorway so they can drop down on your head and now you are pretty sure it might be in your hair and you squeal and start to to flick your fingers through your hair to get it out and then realized that you slept on your back last night and YES IT IS 3PM RIGHT NOW and you haven't brushed your hair yet today SO WHAT MIND YOUR BUSINESS and it's a yuge rat's nest on the back of your head and there could actually be a small community of spiders living in that thing and you'd never know it so then you have to scream (and possibly pee a little if you're old and you've had kids and stuff like me shut up) and bend over to start shaking your rat's nest and whack your forehead on the desk and yell for help or scream GET IT OUT GET IT OUT and turns out there was nothing in there and now you see the spider near your doorway and now you're trapped in your room with a possible concussion at least until you can find a hairbrush and/or Windex.