Friday, September 28, 2007

How To Spend A Friday Night

TONIGHT (Friday). 10pm EST (9pm Central).
Friday Night Live with Monty!
Empire Radio.

Two hours of the best mix of music on the 'net, plus Reality TV updates, your horoscope,

You can listen while you play your geeky RPGs.
You can listen while you surf pr0n.
You can listen while you write your next blog post.
I can be inspiring, you know.

Tune it in. TURN IT UP.
Chat room will be open!

**interested in going on the air for an interview? email me!

THANK YOU Mr. Fabulous for the big packet of CDs!
THANK YOU Kim for the cool snapfish cards!

(Do you KNOW how much I love getting packages in the mail? Because I do)

Dear Friend,

Perhaps you should have devoted more time to keeping the (loyal) friends you already had instead of always trying to gather more and more acquaintances in the name of "Popularity".
Is all I'm saying.

Been nice knowin' you.

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