Sunday, March 07, 2010

WAS MY FACE RED! Or something.

And away we go!
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Have a sample...

Thankfully, the zoloft has not had any ill effects on my sex drive – of which I had none before. The zoloft, actually, has helped in that I don’t necessarily DISLIKE hubby all the time. So it was last night that I was feeling rather amorous and attacked suggested a little alone time. Just him, me and a new …ahem… adult “marital aid” that I’d bought ummm 5 months ago LOL Still in the package, even.
So, while he was taking a bath, I busted that baby out, set it on the bed and waited for hubby (who had agreed we could check out the new purchase).
And we did – and it was all fine and good…, the batteries didn’t die.
no, the baby didn’t wake up.
no, the house didn’t catch on fire...

So I had a friend who invited me down to Ft. Lauderdale a few years back, offering food and good, good times. After day three of my visit he held a little get together with a bunch of his friends and I hooked up with a lovely woman. Things got heavy and we wanted some "alone time". Seeing as how there was a condo full of people, we were desperately looking for a place to let it all out. We were rather a bit under the influence. I had an idea. There was the laundry room, a room that might have resembled a real life L shaped Tetris piece, a small area to the side that would be perfect. As we're in the process of exploring each others bodies ...

Fortunately, I haven't had many disasters when it comes to sex. I've had the occasional "minute man" which is really more a disappointment than a disaster. However, my biggest sexual disaster was also some of the greatest sex ever.
During this aforementioned GREAT SEX, my guy decided to get a little rough. He started aggressively putting arms and legs exactly where he wanted them. This was fine with me. I'm a kinky kinda girl so there really are very few things off limits for me...

This happened way back, around 1973 -- you know, right at the tail-end (heh) of the free-love '60s. I had gotten involved with a guy I met in my freshman year of college, who happened to be married. They had was what they called an "open marriage", in which each of them could have sex with other people, and it was cool. Well, it was certainly OK for the wifey to bang all the members of the band on the night I met her husband -- we slept on the couch at the party where he and I met, while she was out having fun all night...

My boyfriend at the time had, unbeknownst to me, put new sheets on his bed as in brand new, never seen before sheets. He invited me over for a PJs and movie night and I wore these look-ordinary-at-first-glimpse fetching red PJs in a lovely satin with only one button of the top actually fastened. I can't even remember the movie we were watching because we spent most of the time making out and heavy petting...
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