Friday, April 10, 2009

Because who WOULDN'T want to make life a little easier?

How about some free ham or turkey? AND recipes? AND beauty tips?
You can get 'em all from the same place, Making Life Better.

Need a life coach? Need some fresh ideas for dinner? Fix your frizzies, learn to go green, have healthier skin!

Even though I'm not much of a cook, there were recipes simple (and inexpensive) enough even for me. I KNOW.
And no, you cannot come over for dinner because I don't like company. Or people. But trust me when I say the antipasto salad wraps were GOOOD.

HEY, did you clip the Holiday Ham or Turkey rebate form from your April 5 paper? Check it out. Get free ham or turkey. WOO!

Thanks Mom Central for introducing me to Making Life Better, because SHORTCUTS and EASIER are my keywords in life.

OH, and don't forget it is GOOD FRIDAY today -- which means a special theme on tonight's Friday Night Live!!

TUNE IN LIVE at 9pm Central/10 Eastern!
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