Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Special K Challenge!

So I saw this commercial the other day for the "Special K Challenge" - and I seriously considered it because, well, I'm always thinking about dieting.
Unfortunately, after 40 years my body has betrayed me and I can no longer have any milk or cream in my diet, so there goes the cereal thing.
And PS when I was checking out their site, I discovered that they have LOADS of cereal flavors!! I always thought it was just the plain ol' Special K or the kind with strawberries.

But Mom Central sent me some of Special K's new LOW CAL snack crackers - we KNOW how I like to eat chips & crackers, right? Any crunchy yummy cracker that can be dipped in hummus or pimiento cheese is welcome in my house.

I got some Multi-Grain Snack Crackers (which come in individual little packets, which is EXCELLENT for PORTION CONTROL) and some delicious tomato-y Italian Herb crackers.

The Multi-Grain were a tiny bit sweetish - they reminded me of graham crackers as far as taste goes... only much lighter and crispier. PERFECT in the 3:00pm hour when my Snack Tooth gets hungry.
The Italian Herb were good too - EXCELLENT IN HUMMUS, I have to say.

The best part: ONLY 90 CALORIES per 17 CRACKERS.

Baked, delicious, SO DIPPABLE, and LOW CALORIE.
(and ALSO? Special K has TONS of products I didn't know they had! Protein bars and vitamin water and MORE! Who knew??)

You can thank me later, in the form of jewelry or gift cards.
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