Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay, first off I have to say that I HATE HATE HATE doing the dishes. I'd (almost) rather clean the toilet - my kitchen is tiny & looks cluttered even if there are only a few dirty dishes.
And usually they're piled up, because the only dishwasher I have is...well, me and the two hands with which I'm typing right now.

So I signed up with Mom Central to review Clorox Green Works Dishsoap, but I did it with a heavy sigh.

For most things I'm not brand loyal - I'm more of a bargain shopper, but Clorox is one brand that I love. Especially the well known bleach. LOVE it. Different brands don't have the same feel and smell and CLEAN like Clorox does.
Also? I LOVE the fact that I get to test out "green" products - it's important for me to try to set a few good examples for my children. At least product wise, because I fail in most other ways.

I got some of this Clorox dishsoap, and I love it!
It smells gooooood, it makes lots of long lasting bubbles, and the dishes are squeaky clean - it cuts through grease like a champ (and you know in OkieLand we fry everything and then put gravy on it). AND it's made from plant-based biodegradable materials and packaged in bottles that can be recycled.

What's even better is that they have a WHOLE LINE of cleaners! All purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner.

It's long past time that I started caring about the environment & doing my part.
Don't you think you should too? Every little thing helps.
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