Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April has been a spectacular month for me...

How do I say thank you?

MommaK and Lindsay created, over a year ago, the Perfect Post Award.

The object is for you, as readers, to let those lovely ladies know every single month when you find that one special post that speaks to your heart...whether it makes you laugh or sing, cry or just feel.

Then? You get to spread the joy by giving out an award to that person.
Makes THEM feel special and happy, which should make you feel special and happy.

Today? I feel special and happy. And quite honored, especially since it was the deliciously delightful MommaK herself who offered me this:

The Original Perfect Post Awards – April 2007

...for my Blog Bonanza 'Fearless Friday' post

I'm so amazed...delighted that what happens to come from my head and my heart speaks to someone else's.

Thank you, thank you so much. I love you.
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