Sunday, July 09, 2006

Please Don't Heckle The Jeckles...

But first...
Never let it be said that I welshed on a deal.
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Our guest post today is brought to you by one of my favorite boys, Jeckles. He's smart (and a little geeky, which is totally sexy), he is the host of the ever-popular SHITTY BLOG RADIO SHOW (which you really should listen to, EVERY THURSDAY at 9PM Eastern).
He's also participating in the Blogathon, and his charity is FREEDOM FROM HUNGER.
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He tries to act like a hater sometimes, but don't let that fool you~inside, he's a genuinely nice guy. But please don't mention that I told you that~I promised to keep it under my hat. Whoopsie.

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Jeckles sez:

Nothing profound here just another soliloquy ramble rant.

I am always hearing people talk about the Good Old Days.
Remember back in the day...

I hate it. This won't surprise those who know me. I hate many things.

People like to dwell on the past, as though it was some magical time. I have friends who do it. My wife does it. And it seem that every place I go to, I am subjected to stories about how great it used to be there. It's bullshit.

But there is more to this...
True, I can't stand the way people go on about their Good Old Days.
But the real rub is that I don't have any Good Old Days.

I have no desire to relive my high school days. Why would I want to return to that alienation? That awkwardness? I walked around looking like a misfit. Not misfit enough to hang with the punks, not dumb enough to hang with head bangers, but too freaky to hang with those college bound types. The teachers all believed I was on drugs, but somehow didn't notice Johny football player passing that joint to Sally cheerleader. No. I don't want to be there again.

My college years hold nothing special for me. I screwed up. I failed out. I got nothing out of college.

My 20's. Free, single and wild? Drunk, alone, and stoned. I wasted my twenties trying to drink myself to death. Do I look back fondly on those days? Hell, I can barely remember them. And what I can remember is shrouded in Darkness.

Now. I'm married. I have two great kids. I'm sober and stable. Take your Good Old Days and keep them. The best days of my life are right now.

I look forward. I am aware (all too aware) of what has passed, but I do not care to dwell on it. Or to paint it as something bigger and better than it was. I've wasted most of my life. I am done with waste. I am living my life. My life right now, not how it was or how it might be.

That is all.
( <--**Ed. Note: Dude, you totally stole that from me. I'm flattered. *winky smile*)

Thanks Jeck! I appreciate you doing this for me, even though you didn't want to. And I find myself in agreement~these are the best days, because you're (I'm, we're) living our lives, how they are.
If more people would remember that, perhaps they wouldn't always have to be 're-discovering' and 're-inventing' themselves, perhaps they wouldn't be so miserable all the time.
You rock, Geek Boy. :)
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