Monday, July 10, 2006

Stressed Out

Vacation is over, I'm back at work (at least temporarily).
You know my boss has 'closed' our studio, but I'm (THANK GOD) able to stay on for a few more weeks.
I'm sad, because my sister is out of a job.
I'm sad, because my bosslady had hoped to hire her back in six weeks.
I'm sad, because it looks like I may be out of a job soon because sales are bad and NOW she's thinking about just liquidating the whole effin' mess.


I'm stressed.
I need a vacation. :)

I have a couple more wonderful guest posts a-comin', then I'll tell you a little bit about my "vacation".
Not that it's very interesting.
Or funny.
Or fun.
Or cool.

Am I complaining? Sorry.

Let me show you some pictures from today, when a thunderstorm came through.
It was cool.

To the EAST, looking out the door:

To the WEST, at the same time:

AND the middle of the sky, where the dark met the light:

Have a...*sigh*

That is all.
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