Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A little help here...THE NEXT TASK.

but first...

Break out the booze for THE DRINKING GAME, because severe weather is on the way today!

When I went outside this morning (fighting my way through the thick, swamp-humid air), I cleaned my glasses several times before I realized that it was the air that was hazy; it was like looking through gauze and everything was a little bit blurry.



For the next task I must write a song and sing it (or have someone sing it for me...Sudie? Deni? Megan? MommaK? Raehan? I know you all have gorgeous voices) regarding the Shitty Blog Club Survivor.

I need your creative input~together we can build a beautiful song.

Help a girl out.
Fo' reals yo'.
I need you.

***Edit: People who live in tight-assed judgmental worlds shouldn't throw around words like "idiotic".
If you don't want God in our country, that's fine...but don't call someone 'idiotic' because they do.
If you don't want to own a gun, that's fine...but don't call someone 'idiotic' because they do.
Fuck off.

Is all I'm sayin'.

See, this is why I don't really like people.

That is all.
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