Friday, December 23, 2005

Just a bunch of crap.

Quote Of The Day:

"Time doesn't really heal, it just makes you not give a shit."

But hey, I'm not cynical. ;)

My daughter (are you beginning to dread posts beginning with those words? It's my little way of weeding out the weirdos) has decided upon her own course of action in learning a foreign language.

She is currently watching Shrek 2 in Spanish, with the captions on. For the third time.
And working her way through the rest of our movies as well.

I told someone today that he was just ME with boy parts.
Somehow it sounded much more complimentary in my head.

Now National Meme Week at the House Of Monty draws to a close...
(don't think I didn't just now hear you all cheer with delight and relief)

The MORE-than-half-nekkid Jessica tagged me last month, so I went to get the meme...turns out it's the same one Kirk got me with.

So halleluja, you get a reprieve!
You can thank me later.

Just think of it as an early Christmas gift from me to you.

that is all.
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