Thursday, November 10, 2005

Flashback Thursday.... cancelled this week.
Sorry. I know how much you were all looking forward to that. *snort*
Come back next Thursday.

Good job to those of you who tried to guess the movie quotes~~~Kevin got the most correct.
Way to go!

1. "Sorry boss, but there's only two men I trust. One of them's me, the other's not you."
CON AIR. Nic Cage to John Cusack (a definitely yummy scene)

2. "I play hockey and I fornicate, 'cause those are the two most fun things to do in cold weather."
MYSTERY, ALASKA (I love you, Russell!)
Ron Eldard ("Skank" Martin), apologizing for sleeping with another man's wife.

3. "It's a Zen thing, like how many babies fit in a tire."
WAITING FOR GUFFMAN (a must-see movie).
One of many great lines from Corky St. Clair, aka Christopher Guest.

4. "Ooohh, a pissing contest, can I watch?"
LEAP OF FAITH. Debra Winger to Steve Martin & Liam Neeson.

5. "Why is that you have twenty-four different kinds of pork rinds and you only have one kind of peanut butter?"
THE SUPER. Joe Pesci the slumlord...

6. "Look, we all go way back and uh, I owe you from the thing with the guy in the place and I'll never forget it."
OCEAN'S 11. Elliot Gould to (my future ex husband) George Clooney.

7. "Either he's alive or he's dead, or the cops got him...or they don't."
RESERVOIR DOGS. Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) to Nice Guy Eddie (Chris Penn)

8. "And with a flick of my wrist, I could change your religion."
THE THREE MUSKETEERS. Milady de Winter (Rebecca de Mornay) to Cardinal Richelieu (Tim Curry). He's...smarmy.

9. "The central message of Buddhism is not 'every man for himself'."
A FISH CALLED WANDA. Jamie Lee Curtis as Wanda educating Kevin Kline's Otto by not calling him stupid.

10. "We are a covert anti-terrorist team that is so secret, when we snap our fingers...NOTHING HAPPENS."
FACE/OFF (I *heart* this movie) Sean Archer (John Travolta)...who was also responsible for one of my other favorite lines from this movie: "I hate to see you go, but I LOVE to watch you leave!"

Yes, I've actually used that line myself.
With excellent results, I might add. ;)

Off Topic...
My feelings are hurt.
You know who you are.
Boo urns.
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