Thursday, September 08, 2005

You're the reason God made Oklahoma...

Heard a little story on the way to work this morning...made me a little bit weepy. I so love getting to work with raccoon eyes. :)

Anyway anyway. One of the local radio personalities that I listen to recently opened a bar. Last night he sponsored a big collection drive for the hurricane victims~all the proceeds and tips last night were given to the fund and they encouraged everyone to bring out whatever they could~clothes, food, anything.

So the story this morning was told of a mom and her little girl, about four years old, that went to drop off some boxes of toys. This little girl was excited about giving away her toys for other children to play with. The mom had bought a brand new toy to send as well, Donkey from Shrek.

The little girl wanted to go say goodbye to Donkey, so they put her up in the truck and she had a few words with the stuffed critter. Then she gave it a kiss...
...and said...

"I just wanted the child who gets this toy to have one that's already been loved."

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