Saturday, August 06, 2005

Oh for crap's sake.

I poached this from SudieGirl...

And I have just one thing to say about it.


You are

Now, I found this over at Brian's...

2005 Oklahoma Blogger Awards

Got a favorite blogger from OkieLand? Then go nominate them!
I have many, many favorite OkieLand bloggers, and have sent in my nominations.
I wish all of the ones I have nominated the very best of luck. I certainly hope to see your names on the ballot!

I was reading a post today on someone's blog all about...dumb posts.
I nearly took offense, because part of the post said that the dumber your post is, the more comments it gets.

Apparently the better, more well-written your post is...the less comments it gets.

See, why does that just sound like sour grapes to me?
Is he implying that readers are too stupid to know the difference?
Or that if you aren't reading his blogs and a zillion others just like it, you're stupid?
Does he forget that MOST of us read for pleasure, enjoyment, and a connection with the author? Shared feelings, ideas, and situations?

Seems like someone is bemoaning the fact that his boring yawners newsie article posts get rare comments.

But to hear him tell it, it is simply because his posts are well written and intelligent.

Well, if intelligent and well-written equal boring and pedantic...then I would agree.

I'm just sayin'.
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