Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I am a bad bad bad bad...

...bad bad bad bad bad bad person.

So the King called last night.
Seems Littlest Princess and her boyfriend were in a terrible motorcycle accident.

The young man didn't live, and I'm sorry about that.
My sister was injured, but not too badly, and I'm thankful for that.
She should be home from the hospital by Thursday or perhaps Friday.

I am a bad person..because I don't feel very sympathetic.

Don't get me wrong, I love LP and I'm concerned about her, and I'm thanking God that she wasn't hurt worse or...killed.
I'm very, very thankful for that.

And while I don't feel like she got her comeuppance, or she had it coming...I feel bad that I don't feel worse.
Get it?

The King said he still harbored some anger against the young man, and I totally get that.
But then he said, "Yes, I've got some anger toward him for taking her like he did, through the window in the middle of the night."

That pisses me off.
Taking her?
He didn't take her, she went.
HUGE difference. Gigantic difference.

So, suddenly she's absolved of all responsibility? All is peachy-keen-swell-jim-dandy-fine?

I sincerely wish that I could forgive and forget so easily.
I'm not going to keep holding it against her...I hope she heals quickly and I'm sure she'll be moving home with the King and Queen...but then they're all going to be right back to where they were.

I'm terribly, terribly sorry the boy died.
I'm terribly, terribly sorry that my sister was hurt.

But I can't help feeling somewhat unsympathetic.

I'm a bad, bad person.
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