Saturday, August 06, 2005

What is the world coming to??!

Quote of the Day:

"That chick had a face like a bag full of squashed asses."~~Shawn, my brother.

Seems like only semi-decent guys have been answering my personal ad lately.
No-one to make fun of.
Plus, all I've been getting are the free "Ice-Breakers".
What, am I not worth the price of enrollment anymore??

Although I am considering adding this to my profile:

If you think WWF is real, if you use the word "rasslin'" more than once per month, if you use pay-per-view to order 'RAW is WAR'...then please, I beg you, move along. No loitering.

Don't get me wrong, I do not mean to offend those of you who enjoy I'm simply saying that it's not for me, in particular.
Don't forget I'm from Okieland, where some folks take their rasslin' really seriously.
I'm just sayin'.

And lest I forget, thanks to those of you who have pointed out my inaccuracies in the whole WWF/WWE thingie.

WAIT!!!! Just now got one. The deities of the Personal Ads have smiled upon me...briefly.
*whew* For a minute there I thought I was losing my touch.
Although it isn't quite as amusing as I'd hoped.

My first thought upon reading was Punctuation, anyone?

"i dont believe in finding a frog and kissing it and it turns into anything i want someone to care for me for me and not want to change me or turn me into anything just take me for me and ill do likewise and if we got as far ass the kissing part we would have to have seen something more in each other than expectations as im not into games im upfront and a for real person no games if u like my profile you can e-mail me at *withheld for stupidity's sake*"

MAYBE I'll have my new (old) computer up Sunday or Monday...though it will still be a dial-up connection, I live in the hope that I will not get regularly booted offline every hour or so...
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