Thursday, June 09, 2005

There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you...

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A couple of days ago, I was thinking deep thoughts and prepared a post about those thoughts. In deference to my Guest Bitchers Bloggers, I saved it as a draft. Imagine my surprise when I visited my fabulous friend Brian yesterday and found a post on the very same subject! But I'm sure he will back me up when I say that I did not steal this idea. (Remember, I gave you a hundred bucks to agree with me) ;)
It is proof positive that great minds do, indeed, think alike.

There are many of us who really, really hate to think about death, avoiding it at all costs. Then there are those who obsess about it.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I don't necessarily avoid thinking about it, but it doesn't occupy my every waking thought.
Perhaps because of the recent death of a loved one, it has been on my mind more frequently.

I started along the line of thinking...
"If something were to happen to me, how would anyone know?"
Seriously, would you just come here every week or so, only to find the same old post up? No updates for months & months? Would you think that I had simply deserted you without a word?
And my friends that I talk to on the phone, my friends that I regularly chat online with, the ones who live in other countries, the people I exchange email with frequently...
How would anyone in my family know who to spread the word to? My family has no idea about my personal life, for the most part. Or my internet life. Or any part of my life that I choose not to share with them.
Would you even miss me?
I'd like to think that some of you might experience a little sorrow if I were to disappear from Blogdome Come.

And those thoughts led to...
"What if something happened to you??"
How would I know? Is there anyone in your family who would be sure to email me, call me, or make a blog entry to share the news? Do you feel like it would be my right to know?
Because I would certainly miss you. Greatly.
I would most probably cry if you ever left me.

I would send emails to try & contact you until they started bouncing. I would wonder if perhaps you just didn't like me anymore, or didn't want to talk to me for some reason. I would wonder if I'd pissed you off. Or offended you deeply. Or something.

I would have a gaping space inside that only you can fill.

Now, call me silly if you must (and I will tell you to shut the hell up if you do)...
but I have begun to prepare a list which I shall put in a safe place, with instructions for my family.

This list will contain phone numbers and email addresses of the people who I think might want to know if I were taken from this earth. And my family will be instructed to make sure those people get the news.

I could have made some mistakes...maybe you don't really want to know.
But if it were me on the receiving end, I can certainly say, without a doubt...I would want to know.

So if you get an email someday with the subject line REGARDING AKA_MONTY...
open it, or not. It will be from my family.

on a lighter note...
For those of us who have jumped on the Bloggintology bandwagon, the fabulous Elle has given us some commandments for her new religion.
I'm hoping she doesn't decide to make us wear those wooly, itchy robes. *shudder*
But I'm guessing I'd probably wear them if she told me too.. :)

Now for those who would like to join the new religion, here are the commandments of Bloggintology:
1. There is a Bloggintology God, and I'm pretty sure he looks something like this: :)

2. There shall be no other Bloggintology God's besides this one. Well, you can have as many as you want, they can be real or that cartoon thing "Anime" that everyone obsesses about.
3. Never take your blog for granted, and spread some comment love, don't lurk.
4. Remember the holy day, which is on the weekend when you play the comment game over at Michele's.
5. Honor your blogfather or your blogmother. This can be done by occasionally mentioning them in a post or by blogrolling them.
6. Thou shall not be a troll to other bloggers.
7. Thou shall not commit adultery, although I'm not sure how you would with a blog.
8. Thou shall not steal another's blog template.
9. Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, provide links.
10.Thou shall not covet your neighbor's post but feel free to pick up any memes you'd like.

Thank you, Elle! Now, when's our first service?
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