Saturday, June 11, 2005

Keepin' the ball rollin'...UPDATE UPDATE

I had actually visited Phancykat's blog once before...please forgive me for not remembering! Damned CRS disease...

Please go and share the comment love with Phancykat for a most excellent guest post!
but first...
It is hard to be a good internet stalker when the person you're stalking refuses to pay any attention to you.
It's (almost) enough to make a girl quit.

and then...
I have to give a big ol' SHOUT OUT to my very dear friend Ashley, without whom I would not be able to enjoy my twice weekly Venti Mocha Frappe that is provided by the terrifically appreciated STARBUCKS GIFT CARDS that she's been sending me as gifts for the past couple years.
I love her dearly, even though she's an American-hating Canuck. ;) Lucky for me I'm exempted from that.

Thank you so much, Ashley.
You're the best.

We've had a last minute switch in guest bloggers today, due to a re-write.
So today we are going to welcome a guest blogger who is new to my acquaintance. So new, in fact, that I don't even know if she's got a blog! Phancykat, if you do, please send me a link!
She did, however, introduce me to a fabulous site that in my opinion contains the best idea ever~~Releasing books into the wild! Now, most of you know I'm not one to be able to part with my precious books; however, I do have two copies of several of my favorites, and those I am persuaded to part with. It is a wonderful idea, and I will hope that my books that I release to be hunted will be found an appreciated by their new owners.

Please make sure you take a page from Phancycat's book and check out
Sign up. It'll be fun! Who knows...someday I might even get one of your books!

Now, Phancycat has a safety issue on her mind, and offers us all some very good advice. Please take it to heart, and make yourselves more aware.

Please, for the love of God, teach your children safety and laws regarding bicycles, scooters, skateboards, anything that involves them sharing the road with cars. Reinforce how dangerous AND deadly a run-in with a car can be.

On my way to work today, a child no older than 7 swerved on his scooter right in front of me. If I hadn't been paying more attention, I would have taken him out. He and his friend were riding their scooters on a 2 lane street with cars coming in both directions, and instead of stopping and letting the cars pass, or getting out of the way, one kid went to one side of the road, and the other kid went down the middle between the cars coming at him from opposite directions.

Here are some things every child and parent should know:

· If a bicycle is driving against the flow of traffic and is hit, it is the bicycle rider's fault. They can be sued for damages to the vehicle that hits them.

· Cars can kill you. Swerving in front of them is not a game.

· If cars are coming at you from both directions, GET OUT OF THE WAY!

I don't want to sound like I'm mean & don't think children should be allowed to play in the streets. I remember being a child and all the fun I had playing, frolicking, riding my bike, but it seems to me there was a greater fear/respect for the cars on the road back then (which was not so long ago). I am just concerned for the safety of your children, and don't want to have to deal with the burden if one of them were to hurt themselves on my car.

Thank you, Phancycat, for helping us to be aware! I'd like to think that most of us keep a pretty good eye on our kids, but there are always those parents who send their children outside to play just to get them out of the house, with no supervision.
Let's all have a little refresher course with our kids about proper safety procedures, shall we?
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