Thursday, June 23, 2005

EVERYONE knows that...

...You don't tug on Superman's cape.

But I sure wouldn't mind getting a peek at what Batman's packing under that bulging codpiece.

I'm just sayin'.

And now...some trivia.


Did I...

A. Oversleep?
B. Stub my toe?
C. Realize that I'd forgotten my son had summer school this morning?

**answer at the bottom of post

Tom, two words: Mid-life Crisis. hyphenated words count as one or two?

Katie, your boyfriend is fast becoming a laughingstock. You might want to rethink that whole engagement thingy.

Did I tell you that I worked the first half of the week with no air conditioning?
Yeah, they were re-tarring our roof. It was awful
Not to mention the creepy guys who kept peering in my window...*shudder*

And did I tell you that my BossLady offered me the opportunity to work 10 hrs/day Monday through Thursday so that I could have long weekends while the kids are out of school?
That's why no time for blogging. Until the weekend come. :)

Blatant advertising
If you're into those artsy-fartsy print t-shirts, I listed a bunch of 'em this week from Glima, Skinny Minnie, Nallie & Millie, & Custo Barcelona.
You should really check out BossLady's store.
You might find something groovy.

I do have a lovely day off planned for tomorrow...and with a fellow blogger, at that! He lives in the (general) vicinity, and as our last outing was so much fun, I assume and anticipate that this one will live up to and surpass the former.

I still have a couple of guest posts in my inbox...never fear, they will appear soon!
And SOMEONE has promised me a guest bitch...not to name any names *cough*janet*cough*...

MommaK and I have a little something fun planned to share with all of you...stay tuned!

**And the correct answer is...

HA! It was a trick question! You should've guessed
secret answer D. ALL OF THE ABOVE

OH! Someone has taken me off their blogroll. I know who it is~I just happened to notice when I was paying that someone a visit.
My feelings are actually a teensy bit hurt~in a fit of pique I almost reciprocated the gesture...but didn't.
I so did not expect to feel disappointed.

And that concludes today's programming. Please rise while we play the National Anthem.
That is all.
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