Monday, December 27, 2004

Now THAT'S one I can get behind.

You Are a Snarky Blogger!

You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.
And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!

Finally, a true quiz result. :) I believe I actually POSTED about SNARKINESS earlier this month...SNARKY is one of my favorite words ever. And we don't use it nearly enough here in the US. I frequently feel snarky, I usually speak 'snarkily'...I love love love it. So thank you, o quizmaster, for the vindicating result.

On to another thing.
When you're surfing blogexplosion, do you find yourself frequently glaring balefully at the timer count-down, with your cursor aimed & at the ready, finger twitching on the mouse? Then when you see the magic "GO" you sigh with relief and think, "Well, that's 30 seconds of my life I'll never see again!" ?
Today was one of those days for me. SO many political blogs...too much time. Bleurgh.
So solly, Cholly, I'm not political (much).
(although I do think Michael Moore is a self-aggrandizing bastard, who's now been joined by Chevy Chase on my 'List of People to Avoid if I Ever See Them On The Street'.)
But here's a pet peeve: those who clamor for attention, loudly proclaiming their opinions (no, that's not what burns me, EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion!)...but if you should dare post a comment that happens to disagree with them, even partially, they blow a fucking gasket and inundate YOUR blog with threatening and/or insulting comments.
A word to you insane hypocritical freaks: If you didn't want the attention or the comments, why post such vituperative posts? We read your opinions, sure, but aren't we entitled to our own as well? Why must you take a disagreement with your opinion so damn personally? My goodness.
I feel like it's third grade some times. "You said something I don't like, now you can't be my friend."
What on God's green earth made you think, even for a tiny second, that I was looking to be your friend? I choose mine more carefully than that, thank you very much.
Specifically speaking (typing), there was a blog I ran across from some gal named Jin
The post in question began: "DEAR BLOGEXPLOSION ASSHOLES" (or words to that effect~~but DEFINITELY assholes was the term used.
So someone has some strong feelings about that. No worries~she's entitled.
So I posted a comment.
Evidently she didn't like it, tho' I saw nothing rude about what I said.
So she came allllllll the way over here to MY blog to post a reply. Again, no worries...I just laughed at it when I saw it.
I find it more amusing than insulting.
Still, I don't understand why people get their panties all in a bunch when people disagree with that person's viewpoints.

Just to clarify: I disagree with LOTS of people's opinions, views, and should take it as a mark of honor that I stopped in long enough to disagree. And I DID try to make it as gentle as possible, unlike the person who ALSO commented in Jin's blog "FUCK YOU BITCH".

Least I got a giggle out of it. :) I do tend to rub a certain type of person the wrong way, without even really trying.
*stirs the pot*

ATTENTION ALL AND SUNDRY: You're warmly welcomed to post your opinions here on anything I might have to say. I don't have to like it. I may spit on you, or perhaps chase you with a meat cleaver. But I won't delete your comment. ;) Or say "FUCK YOU BITCH".

Fun Factoid: People who drink coffee are less likely to commit suicide than people who don't. (thank goodness for my addiction. I think this fact may be because our hands are too shaky to hold the gun still)
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