Monday, February 25, 2013


HEY! Guess what I was doing at 3am? Go ahead. Guess.
I can give you a hint: It was NOT SLEEPING.
I guess it doesn't really count as insomnia though, since I woke up sick yesterday morning and spent a large part of the day abed (Troy and ABED in the MORNING!)(you will only get that if you watch Community)(shut it, it's weird what your thinks are when you have no sleep), being dozy and heavy-headed and heavy-eyed.

So at 3am I was...
eating a salad.
Actually it *might* have been more like a bowl of croutons with ranch dressing, with a couple of romaine leaves tossed in for form's sake.

And I tried to read myself to sleep, said an extra-long prayer because often I fall asleep doing that very thing, and then here comes 4:30 am and I'm all OKAY I GUESS I WILL JUST STAY UP BECAUSE I HAVE TO GET UP IN AN HOUR AND A HALF ANYWAY OMG.

So of course I immediately felt extremely sleepy after that and dozed off for about 2 minutes before the stupid alarm sounded.

Also? It was like 60 degrees and sunny yesterday, now it is thunder/lightning/heavy rain, with 6 or so inches of snow coming before the day is out. Typical.
Actually I was hoping the snow would already be here so we could have a snow day and maybe I COULD SLEEP.

Can anyone tell me how long this hormonal rampage lasts before menopause is over?

I watch tv or read a book...I cry.
I feel the tiniest frustration or stress...I cry.
I watch a funny commercial...I cry.
I sneeze...I pee a little. Then I cry.

Getting old SUCKS MY ASS.

The end.

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