Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I've Got You Under My Skin...Pt II

I have a confession to make: I do not wash my face at night. THERE I SAID IT.
I wash my face in the shower. That's it. My beauty routine. Wash, slap on some moisturizer, aaaand DONE.
Occasionally I put on the bare minimum of makeup, but since my job doesn't require me to see anyone other than (occasionally) my boss (and THANK GOD I DO NOT DEAL WITH PEOPLE), mostly I don't bother.
And even if I do, I don't remove it before bed.

So the awesome people at Simone France let me try a skin care regimen.
As you may have read (a few posts down) I was a little leery of it because it seemed to have a WAY lot of steps..at  least for me
I know that some of you ladies (and dudes) looove to groom. You take good care of your skin and you have your routines and rituals and ... worship at the altar of groominess or whatever.

First let me say that for ME, the nighttime routine is pretty much wasted. I don't bother. EVER. I tried, really I did for a week or maybe less but by the time I get my son bathed and in bed and pick up all the clutter from the day and clean up after dinner, I just want to fall in bed. And I do.

Sorry about that, Simone France.

On the other hand, once I figured out how to use the Morning Sandwich (haha! I love that part! It's a Facial Sandwich! Yum, sandwich. Now I'm hungry) in conjunction with my shower, I am ALL OVER IT.

It's pretty weird - you put on some moisturizing stuff, and on top of that some FABULOUS exfoliating scrub (loooooove), and then on top of THAT you lather up their sweet-smelling bar soap and scrub it all around together.
Seriously my face feels so soft and fresh when I'm done - and never tight or dry.

My forehead used to get so dry in the winter - one day I was rubbing my forehead and I noticed that a ton of skin was just falling down - it was like FOREHEAD DANDRUFF. All I could think was that it was a good thing I wasn't at a crime scene because CSI would've had plenty of epithelials with which to find me.

But The Sandwich has fixed that - and my skin texture is better than before (which is important as I'm old and the ol' facial skin ain't as firm as it once was).

Anyway, if you're Of A Certain Age and you're into taking good care of your skin, you should try some Simone France products.
Otherwise I'm going to end up looking waaay younger than you.
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