Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My great-aunt (previously mentioned) passed away last night.
I guess the "good" side is that she wasn't suffering long and now she won't have to go through chemo.

Of course this means a funeral...I really really really really don't like funerals.
I mean, you guys already KNOW what to do when I cross home plate for the last time, but unfortunately not everyone is as cool as me when it comes to being laid to rest.

Of course in my family, some relatives you only get to see at funerals and weddings. I'll be the one who says something inappropriate (but probably funny, at least in my own mind), much to the mortification of my immediate family.

I actually feel worse for my daughter - see, I never spent too much time with my great-aunt when I was growing up, but she & her husband adopted a son late in life who is a couple years younger than me, and we hung out during the summers at my great-grandma's house.
But since she's been widowed, my great-aunt has been living close by with my grandma, and Aunt Alta loooved my girl. And my girl loooved her (great-great) Aunt Alta.
So I'm doubly sad when I see my girl sad.

Aunt Alta, I'm glad that Becca got a chance to know you and spend time with you.
We'll miss you.
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