Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Single Mother's Day - a guest post

Every once in awhile, someone will request a little space for a guest post - sometimes they want a different readership from their "regulars", or anonymity, or (and this I find unbelievable) they are actually BLOGLESS.
Heaven forfend!
Of course this space is always available to those people as long as they're willing to dust the cobwebs from the corners first and clean up any debris or destruction if they post something controversial - with the caveat that I will most likely correct any misspellings or glaringly obvious grammatical and punctuation errors.
I don't notice my own typos, but I sure can see the ones other people make.
On Mother's Day, I gave a passing thought to the single moms like me who have no ex around to remind the kids to make mommy a card or to buy them a gift "from the kids", or even just say "tell your mom Happy Mother's Day".
Turns out one of my closest friends (and fellow member of the Single Mom's Club) was on the same wavelength, and she's sent her thoughts on the matter.

Please welcome first time guest poster, Jami (yaaaaah me) Reyes.
Show her some comment love, if you please.

Jami sez:

I saw a Facebook post the other day that got me thinking. It was a post about celebrating "military wives". Women who stay home while their husbands are shipped out for military duty. I got to thinking... how come we don't have a "single moms" day? Don't get me wrong, I respect military families and I'm thankful for their service to this country. But what about the single moms? The single moms who raise respectable young men and women who will eventually serve this country. Maybe not always in the military but definitely to society.

Why don't they get a day?

I'm not talking about the single moms who have exes in the picture... dads who are involved in their children's lives. I'm talking about the single moms who haven't seen their exes since the day the baby was born. The single moms whose husbands disappeared when things just didn't go the way they planned. The single moms who are mom and dad to their kids ALL the time and don't get two weekends off.  You know those moms? The ones who wake up in the morning, make coffee, take the laundry out from the night before, make school lunches, drop kids off at school, then go to work all day, pick up their kids at daycare or afterschool, come home and make dinner, go over homework, study the spelling words, get baths ready, throw in a load of laundry, clean up the kitchen, put kids to bed and then wake up the next day to do it all over again... every day... seven days a week, 365 days a year... for life. I'm talking about the single mom who balances her life and her finances depending on one person: herself.  I'm talking about the single mom who doesn't wait for her child support check every month because there isn't one. The single mom who wakes up in the middle of the night wondering how she's going to make ends meet this month, or if college is in the kids' future because there isn't enough money to put into that savings account, or how she really wishes she could go on the "girl's trip to Vegas" but she doesn't have anyone to leave the kids with or the money to spend.

Next time you think of how hard it is because your ex is late picking up the kids, think of the single mom whose ex just never bothered showing up one day... seven years ago.

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