Monday, February 08, 2010


It seems like Blogher ’09 was just yesterday, but I can’t believe that we are all making plans for BlogHer 2010 already! Last year was the best – the sessions were informative, the networking was great, the parties were fun, but the best part was that my fiends (no, that is not a typo), @jamimiami, @fabgirl & @pprlisa, came along for the ride. Of course, they laid in bed, shopped, ate and drank while SOME of us were learning, but it was great to hang out with them at night at the parties.

We met and re-met so many great people and had so much fun at the parties – but no reminiscing of BlogHer 2009 can be complete without mention of Karl Erikson’s karaoke version of “You Can Leave Your Hat on” with back up from @jennyonthespot (Who we call Vanilla Ice for her later performance). For some of us *koff@pprlisakoff*, it was the highlight of the entire weekend.

Besides my quick recap of last year’s event, I kept meaning to do some reviews of the awesome products I got at the Expo, because it has to be THE best expo of any conference I have ever attended. But since I am busy (READ: lazy), I never got around to it. Which, really, is pretty much the story of my life.

So in the interest of MAKING THINGS PERFECTLY CLEAR...

Some upcoming posts will highlight my experience with the products I liked best from the BlogHer 2009 expo and NO ONE IS COMPENSATING ME IN ANY WAY FOR ANYTHING. It is simply a blatant (AND! TRANSPARENT! BECAUSE I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ALL LOVE THAT WORD!) attempt to draw attention to myself so that maybe some company will be all HEY WEAR MY T-SHIRT AND I WILL BUY YOUR PLANE TICKET TO BLOGHER '10! and I will be all OKAY! DEAL! HOW ABOUT SOME FAKE TATS TO HAND OUT BECAUSE COOL! and then they can be all GREAT IDEA! I LOVE IT! YOU'RE THE BEST! I'LL PAY FOR YOUR HOTEL ROOM TOO!

Shut up, it could happen.

P.S. Parts of this post may or may not have been ghost written because I am JUST THAT BUSY AND IMPORTANT, y'all.
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