Monday, December 28, 2009

Out with the old and in with new. RIGHT.

OOOOH, it's already starting.
I've heard talk. I've read blurbs and tweets and many a thing...
NEW YEAR'S EVE is almost here.
And with that... The Coming Of The Resolutions.

I have to say that in a way it's my favorite time of year, mostly because I get to read all the things you are SIMPLY RESOLVED to do this year ABSOLUTELY, FOR SURE UH HUH THIS TIME I RILLY MEAN IT.

And I giggle a lot.

Because I go look at your LAST year's list of resolutions, and the year before that, and the year before that....

You know that when I'm talking about myself I prefer to call them "Suggestions".
Because really, I don't feel at all bad about ignoring suggestions.

Here are YOUR Top 10 Broken Resolutions from the last few years... how many will you have yet AGAIN this year?
I think if you've had a thing on your Resolutions list more than two years with a chance at a third... it's time to accept the fact that it's not gonna happen. EVER.

Go ahead & write your list. It makes me laugh. I'm laughing WITH YOU, of course.

1. "I'm going to start blogging every day/more often!" (RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT)

2. "I'm going to take up exercising... just as soon as I get the right shoes!" (seriously, HOW many years does it take to find the right shoes? I only went back 5 years in your blog but STILL.HASN'T.HAPPENED)

3. "I'm going to diet and eat healthier!" (hahahahahahahaha! have another cookie. Also that would totally be on my list, and I would break it within a week. Or hour.)

4. "I'm going to spend more time with my kids and family - I'm missing all the growing up parts!" (all I have to do is look at my twitter timeline and see all the mommybloggers flying hither and thither every other week to this conference or that conference...all sans kids)

5. "I'm going to quit drinking/smoking!" (why give up the only things that truly give you pleasure?)

6. "I'm going to read more!" (great idea in theory, but Playboy and Hustler don't count. Neither does Martha Stewart Living)

7. "I am going to GET ORGANIZED!" (but will you STAY organized? I WILL BE CHECKING)

8. "I'm going to stop TALKING about stuff and just DO IT!" (okay, yeah, that would involve GETTING UP FROM THE COMPUTER. Good luck with that.)

9. "I'm going to work less!" (For some of you, I just don't see how that's even POSSIBLE #lazyasses)

10."I'm going to take up a new hobby!" (Five bucks says your new hobby has something to do with being online)

So.... what else you got?
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