Thursday, August 21, 2008

Twitter Dating 101

I'm always just a tad bit surprised when I hear of all the hook-ups that happen on Twitter - up to and including a marriage proposal and acceptance! Also a later public announcement of the broken engagement, but that's another story.

Then again maybe it shouldn't surprise me, as I see some girls marketing their considerable "girlfriend" skills ... ever-so-subtly letting the boys know through their tweets that not only are they SO AVAILABLE, but also they're SUCH A GOOD CATCH, REALLY FOR REALS.

Oh, I know what you're thinking, but MY slutty "girlfriend" marketing skills are completely UNsubtle. I'll tell you straight out that I'd probably put out if you take me to the Neil Diamond concert here in October (although that deal ALSO requires that you buy me a concert t-shirt, but still).

So I was on my way to work this morning (I do my best daydreaming thinking in the car) and decided to tweet a series about what I imagine a twitter date would be like.

Or at least, what my twitter date would probably be like.

So if you missed it this morning...

Twitter Dating: A series. Tweet #1: "OMG @--- is even cuter than his mangatar! I need a tictac."

Twitter Dating #2: "@--- & I are at the movies watching Dark Knight. He "accidentally" touched my boob! Also he is hogging the popcorn."

Twitter Dating #3: "At dinner with @---. He has spinach in his teeth. SO GROSS but FUNNY, so I'm not going to tell him. DO NOT TWEET HIM!"

Twitter Dating #4: "OMG I'm totally DOING IT with @--- RIGHT NOW! After all, he DID spring for dinner & movie & you should see size of his c
(ed. note: Aw, too bad! That one must have been over 140 characters)

Twitter Dating #5: oaifhjkajsadhjuiwhrjh

Twitter Dating #6 (the next morning): "Hm. Daylight changes things. & now he knows where I live. I might have to move."

Twitter Dating #7: "Unfollowing/blocking @---."

The end.
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