Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Card Alert!

So comes the time of year when we think of things like cookies, reindeer, pretty lights and fat dudes in red. No, it's not the annual Vegas trip.

YOU know what I'm talking about. And may I just take a moment to point to the sidebar on the right, whereupon a tiny link called "My Wishlist" resides (hover your mouse-pointer over it for a special message). Just in case you, you know, were feeling generous or something.

As much as I'd love to give each and every one of you one of these for Christmas, I'm a broke mofo (single-motherhood isn't so great for Gift Budgets), so don't be sitting by the mailbox waiting--you'll only be disappointed when the mailman looks at you sadly (once again) and shakes his head (once again).

I would like to send you a Christmas card--in which I will actually write. By hand, not type. Kooky, huh? I KNOW!
That means you have to email me your address. And may I just take a moment to point to the sidebar on the left, whereupon a "Contact" link resides (in big purple letters. Can't miss it).

I have somehow misplaced my address book, so even if you think I already have your address...I probably don't. Please send it again.

I love you. Pass it on.
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