Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Pierre Hamel of the '75 OKC Blazers and pre-Kotter Gabe Kaplan.

(okay, it was my brother and me, but you see the resemblances, right?)

In this particular costume, I knocked on my grandma's door, my uncle answered--and didn't recognize me. I duly reported back to my mother that "Uncle Terry didn't know" who I was, so she sent me back and I just walked right in the house. My uncle hollered for his mom (my grandma) and Grandma proceeded to lecture me on the impropriety, bad manners, and dangers of walking into a stranger's house.

At that point I believe I started giggling...and then the jig was up.
We still make fun of Grandma for that...and for many, many other things.

I have no idea why Grandma doesn't like me.
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