Thursday, October 11, 2007


For some reason, the lovely and talented and most excellent Wander is totally deluded thinks I'm fabulous and handed me one of these:

The rules (ALWAYS THE RULES! I'm a REBEL, don't you understand me at all??) are the usual: Pass it on to some other fabulous folks.
So without further ado (no, adieu means goodbye, which really doesn't make sense in this context unless I'm like...leaving you right now):

My Fabulous People (oh hell, you're ALL fabulous! But I have to put some names down-them's the rules)

Mr. Fabulous hisself! (yes, I know I put 'hisself'. It was on purpose. Work with me, people)

Simply Sassy really is simply sassy and I love her! See if y'all can get her to make me a quilt. They're AWESOME.

My darling, oh-so-sweet Raggedy One. You want to see a strong person, visit Raggedy. She da bom. An' stuff.

The talented and gorgeous Elle. She's had a tough row to ho hoe lately, but she's coming back better than ever.

and finally

One of the most fabulous people I know, Michele. Half of my blogfriends I've met over at Michele's place, and she is ever gracious and elegant and kind.

Thank you, Wander! And right back atcha, baby.
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