Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thank You Notes.

My fab friend Jules made my ever-lovin' day:

I adore Jules--she's so very funny and warm, not to mention hospitable! She gives me a place to stay when I'm in her neck of the woods, and we drink a lot and laugh a lot and drunk call some of our friends. We go eat at the Best Chinese Food Restaurant Ever and enjoy the 'special guacamole'. :)

So thank you very much!! And right back atcha. Seriously, where did you find that old picture of me?
Love you bunches.

I would also like to thank another fab friend, MommaK, for the pretty pink button.
MommaK and I go way back (in blog-time, that is), and she was one of my very first favorites (and still is, I should add!). She's one of the very nicest people I know...and doesn't even smack me upside the head when I say something that comes out all wrong. For at least #1428 reasons (and probably even more), I love MommaK. A more wonderful and loyal friend doesn't exist.

Thanks, honey. I think you're the ginchiest. ;)

and a final thank you...

To all the oil and gas companies, I'd like to thank them for the lube-less anal rape over the last week. Before the Independence Day holiday, I paid $2.78 for gas.
July 5th? $3.11
Yesterday? $3.22

Burn in hell, greedy pig-dogs.
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