Saturday, July 28, 2007

So, anyway...

I'm not really going to be posting anything in particular, for the most part...probably just the usual random junk.
I will, however, try to keep them relatively short because let's face it, 49 posts in 24 hours is difficult as the day wears on, plus you don't want to get stuck here for 20 minutes reading some long-ass post--especially when there are so many other good posts to read by some other great bloggers, like Jeckles, IcePrincezz, Luka, and Pandora.

Also? You should join me at Michele's Weekend Meet & Greet.

Also also? You should tune in to Empire Radio, as we will be LIVE for the entire blogathon, including the "B" schedule. WOW! That's 39 hours!

Also also also? Come on in to the Empire Radio CHAT ROOM and say HOWDY!!

I just realized that the time stamp was set in the wrong time zone. D'OH!

Speaking of D'OH!...

Dear FOX,
Yeah, we get it. Simpson's movie. Enough with the advertising already.
Thank you.
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