Saturday, July 28, 2007

I think I might actually live.

I have coffee now.
MMMMMMM coffee.
How can anyone not love coffee?

HEY! Did you know that the Blogathon has begun?
Did you know that it is NOT TOO LATE to SPONSOR ME?

I'm blogging today for United Cerebral Palsy, in honor of my sweet son.

The UCP is a great help to people with CP and their families--they're involved providing housing, advocacy, helping people with CP to find jobs and live independent lives.
They provide equipment and assistive technology--my son loves the communication boards and touch-screen computers, because he can't speak.
What a great charity! I'm honored to be raising money for why don't you think about heading over to Sponsor Me. That'd be awesome.

Plus, you know, the more you give, the more crappy singing I do for you. :)
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