Sunday, July 01, 2007

Three things. Well, four. Four things. I think.

1. Do me a favor? Run on over to my dearest darling pal DEBI's and wish her a very very very very Happy Birthday, won't you? (Yes, with exactly that number of verys)

2. You remember THIS SITE that I told you about, where I can watch Buffy and Dead Like Me and Firefly and Fawlty Towers and The Vicar Of Dibley and SO SO SO MUCH MORE??

They just added........21 Jump Street!!
Three words:
Young. Johnny. Depp.

3. If you missed Friday's show, you can listen to the podcast now. Do it.
(and tune in tonight at 10pm Central for an hour of classical, jazz, easy listening...and me)

4. Sometimes the silence is so fucking loud.
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