Saturday, May 12, 2007

Opening Lines **STICKY NOTE**

This would be the second in a long line of nagging reminders about the upcoming BLOGATHON 2007!

If you check out the right-hand sidebar, you'll see 'Blogathon 2006', wherein you will find a long and distinguished list of my most excellent and generous supporters from last year.

Let's go a little further this year, shall we????
I think we'll start really (begging, bribing) working on pledges on July 1.

Remember how I've already started offering up bribes?
Keep that in mind as you open your hearts & wallets.

Here's the part where I need a different kind of help from you.
Last year's blogathon was GREAT fun, but as I got more and more tired, my brain was sluggish and it was very difficult to think of topics to post about.

HOW DO I NEED YOUR HELP? (besides $$, that is)
I need opening lines.
I can't pre-write posts (against the rules, y'know), but I CAN get them ready & jot down bits of ideas.

What I plan to do: Take your opening lines and make a very (VERY) short little tiny paragraph-or-two sized story.

Just think of an opening sentence for me, I'll do the rest.

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