Friday, September 01, 2006

September ALREADY??

A Perfect Post

I always have a difficult time deciding on the post to which I'd like to award this..award.
There are so many wonderful posts from so many wonderful people that touch me in so many wonderful ways.
In the end, I usually narrow it down to 3 or 4 of my favorite favorites for that month, close my eyes, and pick one.

This award, however, is for a post that caught my eye and my heart the first time I read it.
It is poignant and chilling, it made my heart and soul ache for the child in that story.

In fact, the author of this post (originally called I'd like you to write about living on a boat and if you ever took solace in watching manatees swim through the water) is KAT.

She is one of the most talented writers that it has ever been my incredible good fortune to run across. In fact, she was one of the first people I read regularly when I first entered the blogosphere (and had I any aspirations toward being a writer-which I definitely do not-I would have been quite intimidated and given up before I got started).

Me love her loooooooong time.

Her writing is prose, are transported directly into every story where you can stand aside and watch as though you're separated from the scene by only the thinnest membrane of reality.
Are the stories true?
I can't tell. And that's one of the best parts~I'm always left wondering.

Kat has given me goosebumps, heartaches, tears, and much laughter. She seems mysterious to me, and I enjoy that about her.
She knows how to be silly and abstract and surreal, and I enjoy that about her too.

Plus I've seen pictures, and she's gorgeous. A total package.

You are truly, truly missing something very special if you don't visit Kat.
And read THIS POST.

(OH and do yourself a favor and read the Alpha-Bits post too)

in other news...

I'm going to have lunch with my darling pal ROSE today.
This makes Monty very happy.
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