Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In which there are a lot of questions...

...that I need for you to answer, please.
You might as well answer now, otherwise I'll just leave this post up until you do.

"If you build it, they will come..."

1. If I did a weekly or twice-monthly internet radio broadcast, would you listen? (or at least download the podcast later?)(see how I cleverly snuck an extra question in there?)

2. Would you pay me in presents or sexual favors to pimp your blog on said broadcast? (You wanna be my ho'?)(you could even write your own "ad" copy!)

3. Would you send me e-mail that I could read on the broadcast?

4. Would you email me song requests?

5. Would you get up and dance around to the music I choose to play?

6. Would you change any of your answers (esp. #1) if I promise that there will be NO NO NO singing by me so that the show would remain listener friendly?

7. Does this blog make me look fat?

8. Did you know the correct answer to #7 is always an emphatic "NO!"?

9. Did you know that if you answered #7 with anything along the lines of "No, it's your ASS that makes you look fat", I would stab you with the nearest pointy thing?

10. If we build it, will you come? Or rather...if we broadcast it, will you listen?

For those of you with ADD or just a really short attention span, please answer questions 1 through 4 only.

You may begin....NOW.
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