Monday, May 01, 2006

Speechless...which is a rarity.

The remarkable and lovely RAEHAN has singled me out for this month's

for this particular post.

I can't tell you how touched I am to be given this award; in fact, I told MommaK last week that I would be unable to give out an award this month because I haven't had time to even read what you all have to say lately (and I do apologize for that)
(**to whoever hit the FAST FORWARD on my life, would you please take your finger off the button so I can resume normal play? Thanks ever so.).

Thanks Raehan, I am moved beyond words, completely flattered, and utterly humbled.

Whilst watching Peter Pan this weekend with my kids, I was reminded why I never liked that little bitch Tinkerbell (although I do love THIS Tink).

Her vile villainy is as bad as Captain Hook's; worse, because she betrayed Peter.
She's the epitome of every ex-wife and/or girlfriend that I have suffered for, because she done him wrong.

I will never clap to keep her alive, I can tell you.

OH, and I have to tell you about my lovely Friday. I got to have lunch with the effervescent AMANDA!
We went for some yummy Mexican food at El Chico, and while I can't speak for her I can tell you that I had a fabulous time.
She's much like me~an interrupter.
Which is great because I know she won't get annoyed when I interrupt her, and she knows I won't get annoyed when she interrupts my interruption.
We chattered like magpies and giggled and naturally talked about you.

Which is the nice thing when bloggers meet~they never lack for someone something to talk about.

Thanks Amanda! It was fun!
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