Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Love thy neighbor. Yeah. Whatev.

but first...
The Blogger Formerly Known As THE ROCK BITCH is kindly allowing me to rent space on her blog this week. Please go say hello.

and then...
MONDAY: Sent MixMania! CD, right on time.

TUESDAY: Sent SBC SURVIVOR song, right on time. Sort of.
OH, and if you want to listen to all the songs that were submitted, be sure to TUNE IN HERE on THURSDAY, 9PM EST. See you there.

WEDNESDAY: Powerball=114 million.
Wish me luck.
If I win, we're all going on a cruise together.
And then VEGAS.
On me.

I'd like to find a man who truly understands my need for a triple shot venti mocha latte.

and finally...
New neighbors moved in a few weeks ago.
They're a little strange but hey, who isn't?

Except that they're really strange.
They've got ponies, which is cool because my daughter is learning to ride (and fall off, like yesterday, but I digress)(hahahaha)
And horses are AAAAAALLLL they know how to talk about.
And then some.
Okay, no problem, I can be nice polite.
BUT OH MY DAMN they're annoying.
Like, the kids come over...
Girl: "Can Becca come out?"
ME: "No, she's out of town with her grandparents. She'll be back in a few hours."
Girl: "oh. Because we wanted her to come out, I'm really bored and my mom wants us out of the house right now."
ME: "Sorry. I'll be sure to send Becca out when she gets home. In a few hours."

a half hour later...
Girl: "Is she back yet?"
ME: "No, I told you it would be a few hours. I'll send her over when she gets home. Promise."
Girl: "I'm so bored..."

And so on and so forth every hour or so.

Coincidentally, it turns out that the very night my gate was left open and my doggies escaped that family was IN.MY.BACKYARD.
While I wasn't home.
The mom said Oh, yeah, she was in my backyard trying to rescue a cat (sadly, my dogs were serial cat killers~but that's another story)(cat people, don't eat me. I can't help it that they came willingly into my backyard where two large dogs lived. I put up warning signs for the cats. I love kitties too)

But oh no, she came in the other gate, not the one that was left open.

Really now?
Isn't that funny. Ha. Can't you hear me laughing?
So, why would you come on my property when I wasn't even home?
What if one of my dogs (for the first time ever) would have bitten you?

AND to top it all off...
The youngest daughter is 5 years old and doesn't speak in complete sentences (no kidding). This...this feral child has been caught several times not only plucking up all my mom's flowers, but peeing in the bushes next to my mom's house.
Yesterday? She took a dump in my mom's flower bed.

What the fuck?

No more Ms. Nice Neighbor.

On a lighter note, I am working on a little project.
You'll see.

That is all.
Have a day.
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