Friday, March 24, 2006

A fun game. If you don't play...'re a poopie-head.

I actually had a post already prepared for today~written last night in a fit of rage and ugliness...but hey, that can wait for another day.

Today we're bringin' the fun in!

Whilst I am gone this weekend (partying like a rock star), I insist that you all play a game for me. I think I actually stole this idea from a post of DAWN'S last year.

Your assignment...

Go to some random blogs. Or if you're a big 'fraidy-cat, you can go to your friends' blogs.

Open up the comments.

Answer all the comments like it was your own blog.

Doesn't that sound like fun??

Then on Monday post about how many emails questioning your sanity you got as a result.

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