Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dispelling the myths...

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Later that same day...
(a self-portrait)
Home again, home again, jiggety jig.
Man, I was tiiiiiiired today, but I did manage to nap a little on the way home.

Which was unfortunate, as I was driving.


Actually, Becca was behind the wheel.


I know you came to find out what really happened...

"I'm gonna live, laugh, love just for today
Gonna take all the trouble that tomorrow might bring and put it away
Gonna drink every drop of happiness
'Til they cover me up
I'm gonna live, gonna laugh, gonna love"

That was my weekend with Jules and Ivy.

Jules was a most excellent hostess...she tried to provide for my every need.
And I do mean every need.
But you don't need to hear about all that, right?

A large part of our Saturday was spent outside under the trees, sprawled in extra thick cushions, allowing the sun to kiss our faces...and lazily napping, cat-like, in its warmth.

Julie laughed at my bug-o-phobia...but nonetheless bravely dressed for battle (with my flip-flop) and went after a giant juiced-up steroid-filled Texas-sized blue wasp.

She smashed him, but he didn't die...he called for reinforcements.

Julie also laughed at my triple-shot venti mocha, and my admiration of a new tire.
She laughed at me swearing my undying love to a picture of Russell Crowe on the cover of a video.

Come to think of it, I think she laughed at me a lot.

Cocktail hour started at...well, like the song says, it was 5 o'clock somewhere.

I think most people have the impression that Jules is the "bad" sister and Ivy is the "good" one, right?


When I saw Jules, she was dressed in a long, somber-looking woollen skirt, long sleeved turtleneck, and sensible shoes. No makeup. Hair in a feminine little bun.
Nearly Amish, in fact.
She greeted me with a huge bouquet of hothouse flowers that she had grown herself~~she's such the horticulturist.
(is that the right word?)

When I saw Ivy, she was roaring into the driveway in her flashy little sports car, with the stereo blaring and the bass a-thumpin'.

She staggered out of the car, teetering on 6" stiletto heeled boots and drinking cheap wine out of the bottle, still wrapped in its paper bag.
She was dressed like Anna Nicole and had a mouth like Courtney Love.

And you all thought she was the NICE one.
OH, and in ADDITION to being a klepto (she took $20 when she lifted my driver's license) I heard she's also known as the Town Tart.

Have Jules tell you about the knife throwing incident.

And what Ivy did with the wine bottle.

I think there are pictures.

Truly I had a fabulous time with the two crazy girls, and yes, I am indeed a closet nerd.
That much of what Jules said was true.

You SO wish you were there.

P.S. Josh, I thought about you and smiled when I passed the Scenic Turnout on the way home. *winky winky*

DISCLAIMER: this post is actually filled with lies and half-truths. But I don't want to spoil it by telling you which bits are actually real.
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